The Lead Generation Form

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The Lead Generation Form


It’s important for you to know where a lead came from and what they’ve seen, so that you can pick up where we left off when we assign a lead to your account.

Here is how our lead generation forms work.

Lead Form Questions #

The questions we ask in our forms meet one of the following needs:

  1. The info is necessary to assess the lead’s basic qualification for the product or service being offered. 
  2. The info is necessary to provide some basic information (quiz result or calculation) to the lead who is submitting the form.
  3. The info is necessary to get in contact with the lead i.e. name, email and phone number. 

If it doesn’t meet one of the above criteria, we generally don’t include it in our forms. Instead, we let you collect that information deeper in the sales process.

Lead Form Outcome #

As part of the lead generation form submission process, if a user enters a phone number and email that is not flagged by our spam filter, then they will reach the “outcome” page of the form. This page shows them their quiz or calculator result and provides them with a bit of semi-personalized information about the product they inquired about.

Lead Verification #

When the form is submitted, we send a verification message to the phone number they entered. The page asks them to confirm their phone number by entering the code into the confirmation box.

We ask them to do this so we may connect them with a professional (you) who can provide them with more specific details including a quote. Only users who (voluntarily) verify their mobile number with this code are assigned to you.  This ensures 100% identify verification & a high interest in being contacted by you. 

Test Our Forms #

We encourage you to visit and test our landing pages for yourself as a way of familiarizing yourself with the lead’s experience. 

When testing a form please use the first & last name TEST TEST to ensure the lead is not assigned. 

Click here to visit a Mortgage landing page.

Click here to visit a Life Insurance landing page.

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Updated on 13 June 2022