How You Receive Leads

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How You Receive Leads


Once a lead is assigned to your business we facilitate the matchmaking process between you and the lead to ensure the highest possible contact rate.

New Lead Email Notification

First we send out a courtesy email notification to 1 email address in your organization whenever a new lead is assigned to your business.

The email notification includes basic details as well as a link to your lead sheet.


Your Lead Sheet


We use Google Sheets as a ledger of all the leads we have sent you including all of the raw data for each lead.

This is the official delivery mechanism for all leads as part of the service agreement.
It’s also what we use to count totals for monthly reports.  You will receive access to a secured google sheet for your business as part of our onboarding process.

While we do send email notifications & integrate with your CRM when possible, emails can get lost, and permissions can be revoked between our system and yours.

As such, the lead sheet is the only place we can guarantee that a lead is delivered to for the purposes of fulfilling your order.

It is your responsibility to check your lead sheet daily and report any issues with email notifications or leads arriving in your CRM. 


SMS Automation





We send an automated SMS message to the lead immediately after assignment to provide the lead with your name and business name.

The text offers them to get in via text reply (forwarded to you) or clicking the to call the number that texted them (forwarded to you). 


Email Automation

We send the same info to the lead via email along with some additional details about the form they submitted.

The lead can then reply to the email (forwarded to you), click the link to call (forwarded to you) or text (forwarded to you). 

In total there are 3 ways we help leads get in touch with you first:

  1. email
  2. text
  3. phone call
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Updated on 13 June 2022