Lead Delivery Schedule & Pace

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Lead Delivery Schedule & Pace


Once onboarding is completed, you will begin to receive leads. 

There are no set hours or days for lead delivery. Our ads are generally running 24/7, 365 days a year as the internet is always open and there are always consumers browsing for information. 

We have one master campaign for each niche & territory, and we divide the leads up between a handful of broker partners within those campaigns, by approximate ratio of monthly order volume.

As such, this helps ensure a somewhat smooth delivery throughout the month – which is always our goal –  but there is variance up and down from day-to-day and even sometimes week-to-week based on demand in the market, ad performance, and the ratio of distribution. Here is what to expect in the first few months:

Month 1 

  • Onboarding takes about 7 days and it will take a few days after launch to start receiving leads. For this reason, it’s possible that for the first month only 80% of the leads will be received by the renewal date. Not to worry as the balance will be caught up in the subsequent month that follows. 

Month 2+

  • In months 2 and 3, you will receive at least 90% of your order volume by your next renewal date (plus any backlog from previous months).
  • If not, we will pause your billing until you do. Typically, it is very rare for us to miss a renewal date.  
  • Sometimes we’ll have your leads delivered with a few days, or even a week to spare which means there will be no lead delivery until the next renewal. 
  • We’ll send you a report once each billing cycle has been delivered, to confirm the count.


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Updated on 13 June 2022